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Wine is a truly worldwide drink, with countries all across the world producing near countless varities of wine. It's also a truly timeless drink, with the first wine production thought to have originated around 8,000 years ago!

Wine is made through the fermentation of grape juice, with the different colours of wine coming from the type of grapes used, of which there are thousands of varities.

Read on for a deeper dive into the different styles of wine.

A Type for Every Wine Lover

Styles of Wine

The wine gifts we have at Bottle In A Box can be split into four categories - Red, White, Rose and Sparkling. If you're buying as a gift you might already know the recipient's preference, but if you don't, and you want to know just what exactly is the difference between all these types of wines, read on -

  • Red Wine

    Red wine is made using red grapes, and a fermentation process which lets the grape skin be in contact with the juice for longer. This results in red wines having a higher amount of tannins, leading to a more pronounced sense of "body" or weight.

    If you're looking for an easy drinking red, try our selection of Merlot Gifts. If you're after something more complex, try our Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge Gift Set, or maybe splash out and sample a little of everything with our Red Wine Mixed Selection.

    Popular Red Wine Grapes

     Cabernet Sauvignon -
    Typically full-bodied with a deep purple colour, with notes of dark fruit and oak, and a little hint of spice.

     Merlot -
    A bold, medium bodied ruby red wine. Expect notes of cherry, chocolate and plums.

    Pinot Noir -
    A favourite light-bodied red wine, with the taste of red fruits intertwining with floral and lightly spiced aromas.

  • White Wine

    White wine is produced using white grapes such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, to name but a few. White wines tend to be described more in terms of their sweetness and acidity, with varieties leading to crisp and fresh tasting wines.

    If you're looking for a refreshingly dry and fruity summer white, try our selection of Pinot Grigio. For a great white to pair with lighter foods, excellent for parties and get-togethers, try our selection of Sauvignon Blancs.

    Popular White Wine Grapes

    Chardonnay -
    A medium bodied white, Chardonnay aged in oak casks can be rich and buttery, while unoaked Chardonnay is fresher, with notes of citrus.

     Pinot Grigio -
    A zesty, fresh white wine style, Pinot Grigio wines are a perfect choice with seafood and lighter meals.

    Sauvignon Blanc -
    A much more acidic white wine, with lots of herbal green notes. Expect to find notes of lime and grapefruit against leafy herbal aromas.

  • Rosé Wine

    Rosé wines are also made from fermenting the juice of red grapes, but here the skin is left in contact with the juice for far less time than when producing red wine, giving the wine a pinkish hue.

    Light bodied and fresh, rosé wines are best served chilled and can be a greatly refreshing choice for a variety of occasions, especially outdoor events and parties. Notes of strawberries, raspberries and ice cream also make these wines a great choice for spring and summer. Try a rosé wine gift set for Mother's Day.

    Popular Rosé Wine Grapes

    Grenache -
    A richer, deeper rosé wine can be produced from this red grape, resulting in notes of plums and rich red fruit.

     Tempranillo -
    Spain's top red grape, Tempranillo gives flavours of cherry and oak. In a rosé wine expect a sweeter touch, with a deep salmon pink colour.

    White Zinfandel -
    A bright and very sweet rosé, White Zinfandel offers aromas and tastes of strawberry ice cream and berry notes.

  • Sparkling Wine

    Sparkling wine can be made from red or white grapes or a combination or both, and gets its iconic bubble and fizz from a second fermentation process which captures carbon dioxide in the bottle.

    Synonymous with celebrations and good times, sparkling wine can come in a range of styles and flavours, from the classic creamy and rich Champagne, to the lighter, floral and citrus driven Prosecco. Paired with liqueur, these wines can be the ultimate treat for someone special on any celebration.

    Popular Sparkling Wines

    Champagne -
    Almost synonymous with sparkling wine itself, true Champagne is made in the Champagne region in France from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. A creamy, toasty flavour profile with notes of citrus fruit.

     Prosecco -
    Made mostly using the glera grape, Prosecco is the fresh and crisp sparkling wine from Northern Italy. Green apple aromas and creamy textures abound.

    Cava -
    A very acidic sparkling wine from Spain, expect to find fresh notes of citrus contrasting with sweet flavours of almonds.

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Gifts for Every Wine Lover

Wine can be the perfect addition for any happy occasion, but some wines are more perfect than others. Have a look at some of our top wine recommendations for lovers of every type of wine. Add a free personalised gift message at checkout for that extra personal touch.